Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Yakkings of Melmoth

Why Does The Country Approve?

If dimbulbs in charge
Rankle as to their steering
And if Big Gubment so offends,
Why is it then,
That everything that such culprits do
Is apparently OK?
If people love to bitch
About the stuff that bugs them,
But the trends go on
And indeed, deepen,
All the stuff they don't like,
Like the bush-league machine
That hijacks their life
More, day by day -
Why, then, do they put up with it?
With the whole dreary crew now in charge,
What's WITH the citizen
Who supposedly cares?
Well . . .
I think they are dissolved with fear,
Even though they pretend
Or even think
That's all's really OK,
They cannot speak it,
Cannot lift it,
Off their chest high enough
To see the real threat,
The real rot,
And the extent of the corruption now in play.
If the only legal answer is to Chimpeach
The whole lot of them,
So that the decks may be swept clean,
These citizens are yet as children
And children are not ready
To seize such opportunities
- Whether Last or Best.
So that's the deal;
It's not all that bad right now.
That's why they say it's OK
To proceed with what we now have.
As Prez sez: 'To continue . . .'

I, uh, disagree.
Who supposedly cares?

The Yakkings of Melmoth

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