Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let The Follies Begin

Oh yeah, National Peep-peep Radio was positively abuzz this morn, jiggle-dancing over Obama's speech last night.

There's a new glee at NPR: that Obama's gonna be pretty big pickin's as far as NPR slop-generation is concerned. Republicans can now be unashamedly coddled and given a forum to pout, as they are now suppressed minority underdogs, and the smirking and bemused condescending from Inskreep 'n Mundane can be flaunted without hesitation.

And GO, DON, GO!!! There goes Don Gone (I used to refer to him with the vulgarism 'Don Gonorrhea', but I needn't stoop to such wordplay any more...), who's ALL OVER THE PLACE doing mop up on Barry's stern oration, having the time of his life. (The Don's speech rhythms still make me barfing-seasick).

And the Reagan comparisons - made, by the way, as if O'Bama could never approach the majesty of the Great Communicator! Well folks, I vividly remember all about the Reagan years (when Baby Stevie and Renaay were still squeaking in their kaka-lined cribs), and that was when I first realized that America as a humanitarian organization was doomed. Romancing over that sick era is something I can't abide. All the seeds of the Bush Dark Age were sown then...

You know, taking a furlough from NPR really gives you a neat perspective. When you resume listening, the stark realization looms: that NPR is about the most rinkydink, stupid-sounding source for information imaginable, with doofus personalities who will never be ready for prime time, populating a front for sinister and contemptible agendas.

Silly me - having to learn that all over again!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things Are Just Fine The Way They Are

I haven't wasted any irreplaceable time yakking about NPR (UnPR) on these here pages much lately, as it is a futile business at best, but I have some DEFINITIVE statements to make about it.

That is, I don't care if such types as Yawn Williams or any Heritage Foundation critter happens to babble away on NPR. Because, that's standard procedure these days. I shall not pine for anything that NPR was or should be. (What I really want is for them to be OFF THE AIRWAVES.) You see, I don't want them to 'get better'. I don't trust NPR now,and I don't think I could ever again. As the saying goes, when you lose your keys in a crack of molten lava, man, they're GONE.

That's what one does when one truly writes something off: no trust involved.

Just felt a need to reiterate the obvious. Maybe it has something to do with Valentine's Day: make love, not crappy journalism...