Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Yakkings of Melmoth


This is the 16th hour in which I've been down on my knees, doing some
mega-heavy-duty Elmo Gantry-style holy rolling, doing my part to
arm-twist the Lord into allowing His country to make sure that such
leaders of the future, such as Ultra-Judge Janice Rogers Browne and John
'Misplaced Moustasche' Bolton, be placed in their high-high offices, and
so that Christian Fascism will become the Rule of Law in His nation, now
and for ever.

It is, as President George Skwalker Bush would say, 'hard work', but
now that that chunky Tex bitch Prissy 'Thank Yieu!' Owens is planting
her 50-year old widetrack ass in the easy chair of the 459th Circuit
Court - a chair that is heavy duty enough to be wheeled with no problem
across the street into the Supreme Temple of HyperJustice when Bill 'I'm
Almost Wrapped' Wrenkwiszt trips over his robes for the last time -
there is now hope that the hopelessness and melancholy despair of
Rillidjuss Write lifestyle gloom will further seep into His country's
very soul. Rejoice and be dismal!

In all seriousness, while I have a contempt for all those unsavoury
judicial candidates, as I said before, I DO want Moustache to get into
the UN position. At this point, I want the Cartel to pepper the points
of power with their clones, if only to show the world (not to mention
the just over half-braindead Americanski peipl) just what radicals these
characters be. If they cannot be avoided by namby-pamby conventional
means, then they must be indulged so that they can either self-destruct
or burn out, or demonstarte to decent people, interested in still doing
this thing we call civilization, that we don't want what they bring with
them, and thus they will press for their removal in more aggressive and
effective ways. I want the extremists to blow out so the pendulum can
swing back again. This may sound overly optimistic, but I think it's
possible - still.

One thought on the ReeLidJus Wryte. It is a fact that much of
conservative and evangelical Christianity (if the latter term can be
accurately used) tends to be fatalistic, if not downright apocalyptic in
their world view. They bring little comfort, what with their Final Days
scenario, which has no basis other than mumbo-jumbo legends that aren't
even as classy as the Mayan calender cut-off. This yearning for the end
of all things has seeped into Gubment in that it lends a dreariness to
the conservative agenda. I remember, while growing up, that mainstream
Christianity always used to badmouth eastern religions for being
fatalistic, but there's not much talk about that any more. And I'm not
talking about Islam, cuz it's a western religion, being Abrahamic and
all. Today, in comparison with the Christian tilt to the right, so to
speak, Hindoos and Buddhists look positively hedonistic, cheerful, and
more sure of themselves than ever. The world of the 'Merican holy roller
is very constricted, and it continues to shrink. Yet, with their
political influence, they have brought an anxious dreariness with them,
and they have inflicted it on the rest of us. Even though they have what
they think is a sympathetic president in control, and a virtual majority
in congress, and now the judicial wing might be within their grasp, they
are still miserable. Because that's what they think they're supposed to
be. Life MUST be a Vale of Tears. Never mind about making it better.
Personally, I think that the Cartel is scarcely interested in such
gobbledegook, and is only tolerating the Dreary Ones for political
purposes. That's why this conjoined extremism must be allowed to extend
further, so that it can collapse under its own weight.

So in the meantime, GO, Moustache, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The Yakkings of Melmoth

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