Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Yakkings of Melmoth

Bush-y Moustache is on the mat. Personally, I hope he gets into the UN
position, if for nothing else because his subsequent boorish berhaviour
(which will no doubt include throwing staplers at any number of
delegates from sub-Saharan African nations) will show the world what
radicals the Cartel really are. I'd love to see him make a complete and
utter bozo of hisself on, as the Bush Twins would say, 'LIVE TV!!', or
else he will be completely and utterly emasculated and humiliated by the
constraints of the office, and will wobble off into private life, in
need of Viagra I-V boosts in order to just keep his Bushy lip brush from
falling out. The latter will no doubt satisfy Condi's housecleaning
obsessions most thoroughly.

'But in Iraq, which already had a secular state, we have the additional
complication of sectarian/ethnic divisions -- your Sunnis, your Shiites,
your Kurds -- not to mention, the tribalism within those divisions. (Am
I bitter enough to point out once again that Paul Wolfowitz said under
oath, "There is no history of ethnic strife in Iraq"? You bet your ass I
am.)' - Molly Ivins

The Yakkings of Melmoth

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