Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Yakkings of Melmoth


Now listen. What I'm about to say may strike you as incredulous, but I
tell you, it's all based on a pretty credible-sounding speculation I saw
on the Beeb. That is, the Cartel is trying to 'work' with Saddam. When
Little Dohn was over there a few weeks ago, he gave about 17 minutes to
cheering the droop troops up. Where was he the rest of his day-long
cameo in B-dad? Hanging out behind the chopped-down palms on the
Merciless Road To The Airport? No sir. Seeings how Donn and The Saddom
had their buddy days, why not have the little wrestler meet face to face
with the ageing Stalin admirer and make him a full-Nelson offer? That
is, promise exile in return for some Saddamish condemnation for this
here insurgency. No one knows what happened as a result, but I would
imagine that by the time Dawn trotted daintily up the embarkation ramp
and got on his little Pentagon jammies for the long flight home, the
Cartel was busily coming up with a plan B. Which is: just a few days
ago, it was Condi's turn. After 14.5 minutes pepping with our men and
women in uniform (reminding them to 'stay focused' while in Iraq!!), she
too went unto the recalcitrant Leader and tried her black chick
schtick-hula dance in front of him. Because, heck, this pesky
insurgency's GOT to stop SOME time! Right? Personally, I think they're
desperately trying to get Mr Hussain to somehow defuse the insurgency.
As if any of the insurgents still CARE about him! Listen, they're in it
for themselves. Why should they still be following some 68 year old
jailbird? I'm sure that Richard X. Cheney, enraged over sending
candy-ass Condi to do a big Dick's job, is preparing discreet procedures
so as to lean on the Saddam in ways that will finally produce some
gawdam RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Yakkings of Melmoth

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