Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sometimes Love Is To Be Found Only In An Album Of Remembrance

Fig. 1 The darling and her defender; image credit: Wonkette (who else?)

There's really some quite delightful satire coming out of the psycho/sociopathic crew from the Bush Dark Age.

Wonkette is perhaps the leader in purposefully showcasing these examples, as this LINK demonstrates.

It's the precious discovery that Muammar (Gh)(Qu)(Kh)addafi had a cherished spot in his heart for Ms. Condi, our inspirational National Helper for many of those Dark years.

To which I add:

You know, there's really kind of a poignant side to this: the lonely fuhrer, who's really got a dainty side, quietly and tastefully worshiping a truly 'strong' gal, who's just a little bit 'alternative'. One could get wistful in a 'Springtime For Hitler' sort of way...

Muammar would've been a pretty hip 'guest villain' on Condi's 'Girl From U.N.C.L.E.' show...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rick Perry Presents: The New, Improved Fascism For Century 21. A Fascism You Can Live With, Because It's What Everyone Really Wants (TM)


We need someone to come up with a suitable term by which to Google Rick Perry. That is, we found one that applied to that other 'presidential Rick', (e.g. santorum: a frothy, etc.). Now, what dysfunctional bodily function might we 'perry-up' the public's Googly-goo-goo-goo-ing? I vote for something having to do with mucus, pus, bile, or any other unpleasant discharge.

This is a time of Great Outspeaking. Rick Perry is continuing in that tradition.

But take Warren Buffet: the CEO Club knows that Uncle Warren's gonna die before long. Don't be surprised if you hear a news flash that says 'BUFFET FOUND DEAD FROM EATING HUGE CREAMPUFF CAKE AFTER DELIVERING BLISTERING ANTI-RICH PEOPLE SPEECH'. Corporate media will say that he just wanted to spend more time with his family - IN HEAVEN.

These are the times of the Ricks (DinglePerry, Fecal froth), the Scotts (Gutterwalker), and the Rick Scotts (proper Google misdirectional tag NEEDED URGENTLY)

I would never vote for anybody named Rick, or Scott or Rick Scott.