Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Upper Lip Perspiration Factor

Everybody who is anybody remembers one of Tricky Dick's most blatant giveaways: that when he was in the hot seat and lying about something, his upper lip would noticeably perspire.

Well, ever since them days, every self-aggrandizing Republican knows one thing: don't let 'em see your upper lip EVER perspire - not one lil' ol' pore's worth!

Don't miss 'Vanity Fair's latest issue, which features a stinging preliminary oral history of Dubya's Thousand-Year Reich, complete with life-size (and kissable) portraits of all the essential sociopathic egomaniacs in the Bushy cabal. (And not one trace of sweat! I notice though that my good buddy P. Dundas Wolfowhatever's character-laden mug is conspicuously absent . . .)

Some of the players in this oral porn saga are obviously trying to acquit themselves, a la Dougie Feith, but at least they're going on record, confirming what we already know.

Leadership is everything in mass media. VF's editor, Graydon Carter, has long pursued critical and exposing avenues concerning BushCorp. He's no firebrand, but at least he's using his leverage to allow for intelligent discussion. This, from what is supposedly a style/fluffball/glam mag. Contrast that with the supposedly 'thinking' NPR and one has no choice but to surmise that NPR = Nationalist Propaganda Radiation - yet again.

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