Thursday, January 15, 2009

What We Need Right Now: Neil Hamburger!


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  2. in!heaven!everything!is!fine!January 16, 2009 at 6:12 AM

    Hey, buddy - need you to sign for this Yakk transfer, comin' from NPR Check.

    Yeah, Port, was truly starting to feel guilty & crass in my self-indulgent, derailing flick talk over at the 'Check (the Ira Glass in my cranium - out! out, i say! - went back & re-read my last post in that NPR-typical monotone drone with effeminate emphasisms, oh the embarrassment). So yes, your challenge to bring the discussion over here was well warrranted.

    I'll wrap for now with the linkage to my IMDb persona, for easier location:

    I only sparsely get involved in the discussions there (I don't give a hang who's a 'MILF' or not, enticement aside) but my most engaging participation was in a pitch meeting for the H-wood blockbuster remake of Jodorowsky's 'The Holy Mountain.'

    Also, I'd resisting before but eventually caved - here's my identity:

    (I whipped up another variation of this cwute widdle white puffball that I'm just waiting to spring next time they issue something truly beyond the pale)

    Over and out,

    PS: I'll check your newly posted viddy when I can get on a computer that's speedy & not office-blocked. And unfortunately your prior 'Mizz-ipee gambler' source has since been removed.

  3. Purty good serving of Hamburger there too, Port - why that gets me fixin' for a dreamy trip to Jugtown (or at least a couple side trips along the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail) farly soon, weather & spousal permission permittin'.

  4. Dee-lighted: that you fancied the bellyin' up to the jug.

    Despondent: that the Backporch Majority collapsed into the Big Muddy. Those rascals! And I thought YouTube was this 'spread the magic' entity!


    You are cheerfully invited to prowl through the archaeology where I found it:

    ...then select 'Watch Scopitones' on the left. They got a search thang, but browsing reveals unthought-of treasures. That is, your technology permitting. It's a lot more fun than that ghastly old National Pariah Radiohhhh.