Monday, December 29, 2008

What We Need Right Now: The Back Porch Majority!


  1. big!pink!fuzzy!bunny!January 1, 2009 at 2:48 PM

    Hiya, Port! I'm unfortunately on too slow a speed for YouTubery at present, but is that Willy Wonka having himself a lil' upskirt moment?

    And yes, go get yerself Maddin-indoctrinated when ya can, and we'll raise a glass of Lady PORT-Huntley Muskag!

    Happy New Year to you and to yours~

    Yer fellow NPR-detestin' buddy,

  2. Well b!p!, you'd best rig up some extra wire and crank that generator harder with your hoppers, as you're missing the thrilling climax to this fun toe-tapping segment. This Willy's not a chocolate king, but a high rollin' Miz'zippy gambler! And boy, does he pay big at the end, in one of the screen's most politically correct resolutions!

  3. Woe, my loss - indeed this luddite lupine better get a hopper up on the infotainment supercolossalautobahn before I meet the same fate as my other hapless pedestrian kin.

    Oh yes, another cinematic recommendation - frustrated wannabee art-house programmer that I am, I entertained pairing up Maddin's 'Saddest Music in the World' with the Bros. Quay's 'The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes' for a mindbending double feature night at the drive-in.

    Jus' a friendly lil' autosuggestion from one E-head aficionado to another.

    Later on~