Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Candidate Review! The Perfect Candidate in Time for the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812: JEBBER!

Fig. 1 Gerald Ford was captured in many such poses; Jebber has considerably hogged out since this not-so-recent 'action' portrait was taken

Now come the days of The Grooming, and The Prepping and The Patience. Now come the days when Jeb Bush, the heir apparent of BushCorp's Assured Reign in Perpetuity, will take up the burden of duty and proceed with his natural destiny of Born To Rule.

Here's the plan, gang (preferred plan first):

Plan A: Citizen McCain wins the '08 election. Fine. As per his '04 Pact with BushCorp, McCain allows said Corp to continue its enterprises in seamless fashion. Indeed, McCain, though not a blood relative, may even outdo The Family in BushCorp-like gestures and concepts. Content with being a one-termer (as that was better than being a no-termer) Grand Old Man McCain will willingly retire to his honorable wheelchair while the Epoch's New Man, Jebber, will then ascend to power, with Field Marshall of the Continental Army, David Petraeus at his side. There is much erotic excitement about this scenario in high places. That's where The Patience comes in.

Plan B: Barack Obama wins the '08 election. Fine. Let the Poet inspire the masses. (Sounds great to yrs trly.) But what BushCorp wants is for an Obama Administration to fail, if not in trainwreck style, then at least in terms of a generally dissatisfied public. Grappling with the mess left by Dubya will task the capacities of any subsequent administration. Then, in '12, BushCorp and its associated Republicans will have license to sweep back into power, with the anointed ones offered up, as mentioned above.

The magnitude of sinisterness inherent in BushCorp is no laughing matter, and thus, there is very little satire in the two plans I have just outlined. We must consider the scope of BushCorp and neocon agendas, and we must understand that they have no intention of surrendering any sort of power or control - ever.

By the by, ol' Jebber has put on some pounds. In comparison, Dubya looks stubbornly trim. Git on that mountain bike, Jebber, thy people will have need of thee!

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  1. May I humbly suggest Plan C: Obama wins 2008 election. Fine. This starts the turning of time AWAY from Bushcorp. never to look back. Citizen McCain is unelectable (his own party doesn't even like him)nor is Billary. Obama, with his oratorical talents in place wakes the sleeping masses not just in the old USofA but worldwide. A renewed dialog opens worldwide (remember a young JFK inspiring the masses). What Obama lacks in experience he will shine in inspiration (remember an eloquant Ronny Reagan and the 'morning in America'). It is time to leave the wreck and ruin of the Bushcorp. years and move toward the light, any light. What is lacking in experience will be made up for in inspiration and 'new blood' in Washington which is what this here country needs most of all!!! As it has been said, 'Throw the bums out". Even if an Obama administration proved to be a disaster the Bush legacy would have had to ferment and languish in the minds of the voters.
    No more Bushcorp. Sorry JEBBER.

    Carston Cluck, esq.