Monday, February 22, 2010

Plain 'Jains' At CPAC

Somebody (and it really doesn't matter who) at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference convention said that 'all forms of life should be respected' or something like that. What a freakin' ripoff!

The Jains of India (some of whom I know personally, and many of them wear the proud name of 'Jain') have been saying that since P.B/ (Pre-Buddhist) times.

In contrast to the Jains, in both their sects (Digambara - 'sky-clad' - they wear no clothes; or Svetambara - clothes-wearing, but just as pious though less austere), I'd challenge anyone who speaks at CPAC to truly respect all forms of life in ways nearly so profound.

The Jains are among the most civilized persons on Earth. Many of them wear masks so as not to accidentally inhale an insect. Some gently sweep the path before them so as not to unintentionally step on anything living - ANYTHING - that might happen to be under their feet. They also run animal hospitals, support charities of all kinds, and are conspicuously successful in their lifetime endeavors. Most Jains are well off financially. Some are extremely rich. In Jainism, wealth is OK, as long as it is managed and shared judiciously.

I have my doubts about many of CPAC people, though. I doubt we can take it very seriously when they say 'respect for all forms of life' or some similar wording, just to grandstand the abortion issue (as if abortion were some kind of pastime or blood sport entertainment drooled over by Pro-Choicers!). Personally I feel that most CPAC-oriented people are extremely conditional about the forms of life they respect. I have serious doubts if many or any of them could approach an ancient concept such as Jainism and truly understand its tenets. Even if any of them could, they would surely reject what they discovered because of conditions that would instantly pop up.

Today talk is cheaper than ever. Freedom of speech is misused more than ever. Not everything that is spoken freely is worth taking seriously though, and in the face of that fact, critical thinking, the skills of personal analysis, and the discipline of editing-out certifiable rubbish are needed more than ever.

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