Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saudi Sword Soirees Combined With Kingly Kissin' 'N Cuddlin'

Fig.1 While Bush frolicked with kings, Mega-Ted Klaudt was sentenced to 44 years for doing horrible things to his foster kids

Fig. 2 While Bush and King were doing swordy gavottes, Mega-Ted Klaudt, former GOP 'lawmaker' in SD was getting ready for 44 years in jail

Fig. 3 While two kings kissed and told, Mega-Ted Klaudt hogs the news at home; you mean he didn't? well he should have, instead of this bushy-tailed bullshit!

It was darn funny to see those pictures of Dubya bozo-ing about with the topmost players in the Saudi Empire. Goofin' around with swords, chompin' on the local crisps, frownin' at that old Arabician book, and diggin' the kissin' of Cousin King, which'll sure make Holy Joe (Liebermann) jealous as a hick rival at a barn dance! Yassir, it was a Tex-ass Triumph of a trip!

And then I heard some of the coverage of BushCorp's epic voyage on that there NPR. You know, that station where they do the 'different' kind of commercials, then ask for 'pledges' for their corporate welfare protectors? Indeed, this is the sort of watery spinnishness so dear to NPR's heart, that sort of half-genial half-smug cooperative balderdash that's smothering the craft of journalism to death. 'Worthless' is a banal enough term, but it's about the only one I can think of anymore to summarize NPR's contributions to news-gathering. We know who the good ones are in that crew, but the rewards are so few and far between...

Bush's putzy pronouncements were merely to gloss over his trip's real purpose: to cap some mega-sized arms deals with some quality Crawford crackerbarrel joshing, and to get out the butter so as to arouse the region for some very sexy Iranian penetration.
Oh, and what happened to Pakistan's status as 'Most Dangerous Nation', or whatever?

I read a good article in the Moscow Times about Gorbachev, who says Russia isn't fooled by this preposterous missile program that's supposedly meant for Iran. It's meant for Russia, folks, the latest devil-baby spawned by frozen-out Cold Warriors who wanna make a comeback before they kick the bucket.
Chomsky wrote a trenchant article called 'Cold War II' last August, very worthwhile.

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