Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Passion Of Pet-Crock

I have never seen such a lifeless performance. Dainty congresspeople were so amazed at their stamina, but I have to say, the Dave Petraeus and Ry Crocker Show was a signal example of Bush Machines in action. Yes, machines. Audioanimatronics, pioneered by the Disney folks in that memorable 'It's a small world' show at the 1964 NY World's Fair, started it all.

Now, with Condi, Gonzo, and Miss Dana (Press Sec-in-waiting), the android art has reached a new apogee of perfection. Dave and Ry, the latest models, may only be capable of one expression - Dave's being mindless efficiency, and Ry's being George-H-W-Bush-before-he-vomited-on-the-Japanese-prime-minister, but the Spew Factor just goes and goes and goes, and in gentlemanly fashion, too!

How many times were they thanked for their service! How many times did they blankly respond! No passion to spend in the first place, they do not feel, they do not comprehend, they merely perform.

As purveyors of the Bush Machine's Hollow Optimism (TM), Dave and Ry can state, in their trademark dull tones, 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED'.

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