Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don Doesn't Do Regret But Don Does Taos

Well, I read that GQ interview with Donny Rummy, and it was a fine portrait of a professional two-dimensional personality. One of those guys who is, I guess, so ordinary and unpretentious in his real life so as to make us think he couldn't possibly be a high-level switch thrower and power-monger, let alone evil. He cares about calves and old dairy records, and he's got a canny and appealing wife whom he loves, so I guess, my goodness, he's human after all.

He doesn't even seem to be beholden to anybody, least of all, Dubya. As a Prime Neocon, Rummy would appear not overly loyal to the cause.

All these guys (e.g. the Neocon Concern) appear to be in cahoots with one another, but they're all essentially rivals, too. It can't be stressed too much that the main techniques in attaining and holding power in America are Mafia-style in their nature. That's what runs the show now. That's what we've evolved into. The stakes are so high that democracy, or attempts at it, is pushed aside by more powerful and scheming mafia or fascist forces. We have plenty of evidence of this.

Also, the public should be firmly aware that everything about Rummy and his kind is about performance. It is not possible, based on their deeds, to take them at face value. Falseness is part of their very being. Here's Rummy on the plane with the GQ reporter, acting like the genial, folksy, even sitcom-type grandad that you may not like, but by golly, he's so normal, how could you not respect him? That's why I call him two-dimensional. On the surface, he's a performer, as vacuous as a forgettable TV actor. His third dimension, where the action of his agenda is located, is totally occult, and he knows how to keep it hidden. What else can be said about somebody whose record is well-known, and whose responses, like 'I'm not gonna go there', are nothing short of implications in his crimes?

Like Petraeus, Rumsfeld is a machine. Part of the Bush Machine. They perform the needed job without too many complications. Others, like Wolfowitz and Perle, are even more hideous, for they pretend to be philosophers, so as to show the way ahead. Their attitudes of haughtiness and war profiteering lie at the very bottom of the human experience.

For Rummy, I think that this strict management of his third dimension has a lot to do with self-preservation, too. It isn't just a performance issue.
Don's just as two-dimensional as ever. But it's proof that he is indeed human. What could be more human than self-denial? If he ever actually examined his third dimension and truly appreciated the venality therein, he'd have to blow his own brains out.

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