Thursday, August 30, 2007

Whatever Are We Going To Do With Michael?

Great Leaders Are Not Born. They Copy Other Leaders.

Really, gang, now why shouldn't Mikey Chertoff become our new Attorney General? Let's give Pre-Rot Skullface a chance! If Mikey were to become AG, just think of the full year of fun we'd have! I for one would be keen on seeing Mikey's full, majestic rage unleashed, which is currently kept covert behind the Homemade Insecurity Dept.'s gentle facade. It would be a pretty grand show, cuz AGs get to go apeshit more often than strong 'n silent security types do.

Mikey's got that totally rad sci-fi sinister protagonist visage, which he displays with unabashed vigah. Unhappily, his squeezed-pressure-vessel voice is a BIG disappointment, but that can easily be media-morphed into a baleful bellow at the mere twist of an audio-tweaking digital toggle!

In addition, examine the semi-colour plate above. As Chief Martial Law Administrator (aka AG), Comrade Chertoffski will be as heroic, as effective, and as gloriously lookalike as Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov!

So, think about the Mikey Option, Dear Dicktator Dubya! Millions of sci-fi geeks'll love ya for it! And 'tis love that you need right now.

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