Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Finally Have Larry All Figured Out

Here's really what happened to US Senator Larry Craig in that Minnesota airport loo. It all makes so much sense now.

At least Larry didn't attempt the Thom McAn Shuffle in his own state of Idaho. And because he's not gay, he must have just been checking if any blue state weirdo was trying to 'pull' anything. That's what Larry was doing, gang! His OWN undercover work! A pre-emptive strike! He was simply exercising the Bush Doctrine. How do you like THAT, Larry-haters?


  1. I gather from conservative family value Larry, being from Idaho and all, his fellow Idahoans in their neo-conservative John Birchlike struts and Confederate standings must all be bathroom-closeted same sex gratification oriented sneaks too. Am I correct, oh wise one???

  2. That would, uh, seem to be the case, Blithering. However, I don't believe Idaho was part of the Confederate States of America. And let's not be too hasty in Idaho-bashing. Malad City is a darned attractive place.