Monday, May 02, 2011

In This, The First Mini-Nanosecond of the Post-Osama Bin Laden Era...

Plate 1: Explanatory text just below.

Indeed, Obama's Bob Oppenheimer A-bomb Sanskrit-quote-moment is writ large on his Yes-I-Did! visage. The majesty. The power. The coming glory.

Fruit Salad fellow next to him is the only Mac user in the room (direct clouding to Julian A).

Mike 'You-Guys-Want-Anything?' Mullen's ready to go for beverages.

Youngish New Frontier guy in the blue shirt to the right of Fruit Salad's dreaming of Whole Foods opportunities in newly-discovered Abbottabad, perhaps in a possible suburb of Costelloabad.

Hillary: emesis imminent. Tart, sour stomach spray comin' up.

Only Bob Gates exhibits true wisdom via his Genial American ambiance. Look at him! No head examination necessary.

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