Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Motioned Pictorials

I now invite, as FDR said at the '39 World's Fair in NYC, for 'all humanity' to comment on any and all cinematic-type films that mean anything at all to you and yours, in hopes of rattling the persistence-of-vision apertures, so that we who love cinema might comment on any life-changing experiences encountered thus far in the filmic mists. Now's your chance. Line up: single file, one at a time, please! Let’s talk picture shows!


  1. I just watched 'W' by Oliver Stone which I found shallow, incomplete and was left with no insight into the man. I've been an Oliver Stone fan but this left me shaking my head.

  2. I know what you mean. I found myself enjoying 'W' though, as 'current events entertainment'. Stone can be sort of uneven sometimes; i.e. I found his 'Alexander' to be a big disappointment.

    And even though 'W' is by no means a definitive film on the subject, I think other filmmakers are hesitant to take on the same subjects, at least so soon after Stone treats them.

    You gotta hand it to Stone for grabbing the hot topics before anyone else does.