Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This Hasn't Been...

...a very 'posty' summer here at Yakky Doodle Hall, has it?

Everybody's probably getting mighty sick of that Madoff picture, just below. Madoff-who?

Well, there's too darn much to yak about!

Rest assured, after the puppy days of summer have eased a bit, there will be a medley of verbiage spewing your way. So, patience!


  1. bg-i!pnk-i!fzzy-u!bnny-u!August 6, 2009 at 4:54 PM

    Yeah, anyway, you Melmothian Yak you.

    What's been in the PortFlix queue these days? Been entertaining a growing affection for the Frenchies in the ol' bunny hutch; F. Truffaut & the classics of Renoir the younger, namely.

    Yup, these fries are Francois! ;-)

  2. Thanks for checking in, ye unstoppable bundle of pink fuzz! Delighted that you came.

    Methinks I shall back off a tad from Myt's noble but work-intensive forays into the sulphurous mines of NPR's dangers. My approach to NPR has been that it is a lost cause, so I tended to concentrate on the horror of their style instead of their substance, as it was, well, easier to do (for me). And NPR Check don't really need no Style Commentator. No slam on them, as I am full of nothing but admiration for their efforts, but it's the time required for the exposure to toxic waste that sort of cautions me to distance myself.

    So, I'll be hanging out more HERE, and doing the cinematic thang much more. Stay tuned!

    Glad you stimulated me into action with a kick from your Bugs-sized hopper, which caught me in my sullenly-silent yak-trap. Good timing.

    Next: MOTION PICTURES, for crying out loud.

  3. Oh nooooo, I for one (and I'm sure plenty of others) quite dig your inimitable and well-warranted skewering of those insufferable stylistics of the eNPeeUaRRf hoity-toity royal palace o'er yonder Check - it is sorely needed, tempering one's futile outrage over said dis-organization with a healthy dose of caustic humor (the 'Elton John' remark re "too-cool" G Tom-K was a direct hit!).

    Here's one - ever check out Ken Russel's 'Lair of the White Worm'? I can't attest to recollecting many nightmares brought on by imagery of the overtly campy film I took in before bedtime, but for last week.... brrrrr~

    Found 'My Dinner with Andre' (yes, in that newly-released Criterion edition) at the library to take in sometime this wicked weekend.

    catcha lata'

  4. Hey bpfb!,

    'White Worm' is a beloved classic - Ken at his post-'Devils' best. The cop's demise on the sundial is as good as Lynch's death pose for the Man in the Yellow Suit in 'Blue Velvet'. Sammi Davis was a real discovery: as in 'Salome's Last Dance' and 'The Rainbow'.

    'My Dinner' is always savory. Wally Shawn is in my Top Ten Desired Dinner Guests List.

  5. 'ey Port - hopped in quite a bit too belatedly to find that you responded in kind to my responding to your response. 'White Worm' indeed perked me up to that slinky, vampiric serpentine lady Amanda Donohoe - and certainly not for that menacing snap-on tool either! Must see more... Very very envious that you appear to have some familiarity with 'Salome' as obtaining a home viddy copy is a rare, elusive and/or dearly price-fixed find.