Thursday, July 10, 2008

From One Express To Another

Fig.1: A coupla Bubbas contemplate the meaning of straight talk (image courtesy of Mytwords)

Did you hear about what happened to John Mc-I-Need-A-Cane's Double Talk Express bus down in the Florida forest country? (See Fig.1 above) Wow, that was quite the party they were having on board. The driver was pretty ripped, from Cougar Cindy's beer. The old man, who can hardly handle his sippin likker any more, had been babbling and cracking Iranian cigarette jokes as the bus careened into a thicket of trees after a wild journey overland. SWAT teams moved in and the Jaws of Life did their thing. Our future president was rushed to the nearest shack, where a Seminole witch doctor tried to sober the old guy up with coral snake testicle tea. Unfortunately, he found that the Senator was just too dizzied up by his usual regime of prescription drugs to respond to treatment, and discharged him. The bedraggled party then invaded an adjacent village, hot-wired a '69 Econoline van - now dubbed the Cheap Talk Express - and resumed campaigning.

(I meant this as a joke...)

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