Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A President's Elegy: Farewell! Farewell To Thee, Europa!

Fig. 1: A President's Gentle Threat

Pres. George Skwalker Bush is Grand Touring in the Europeans, taking the waters in what promises to be a brilliant Season.

Part of BushCorp's post-Soviet strategy has been to exploit the 'nutcracker nations' - those between Russia and 'Old' Europe - i.e. Slovenia, Czech Rep., Poland, not only driving a wedge to prevent more European hegemony, but to fiddle with things like missile sites and CIA prisons. BushCorp, treating them like Central American nations, baits and switches. I am very fond of these 'nutcracker' nations, and I don't want to see them getting screwed over. For example, Bush has bribed his way into Lithuania: I saw a plaque in the square of Vilnius, the capital, which commemorates Dubya for having made some stupid speech there. It didn't honor the USA as a nation, just Bush as a visitor, an agent. Of course, that's how BushCorp operates: exploiting the US for their own interests. Fortunately, Lithuania is now in the EU.

Meanwhile, in the fastness of Windsor Caste, an unamused Queen awaits.

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