Monday, January 22, 2007

Mara Rage #723

When is someone going to pull up Mara Liasson's turtleneck collar, so that not only her turkey-neck is concealed, but that her trap will be shut as well?
Who the hell likes her? Who thinks she's funny? Or witty? Why does she have to talk in that self-amused, slime-filled, jelly-masticating rattle-babble, that is so blatantly skewed against Democrats and Whigs, despite her alleged 'center-left' stance? Why, why, WHY??
I know, I know, this is 'NPR Loathing 101', but I listen to her in horror, and I know I can turn the radio off, but - wait, I don't want Mara to know that she has this power over me! I know she enjoys it! OK, I'm better now. Her segment is over - for now. But, but, why can't she just stay at Fox, where she's the token gal amongst Bill 'Howdy Doody' Kristol, Brit ‘Lurch’ Hume, et al. At least in their company she can't compete, so she's just boring, what with her time-filling blah-blah-blah and attention-starved pop-eyed grimaces.
End of Mara Rage #723.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, that is the tone exactly. You have nailed it. The sneering and oh so amused, droll voice. Please make it stop, please!